Give the joy of a IYO Group Panettone, together with a Red Gift card.

IYO Group Panettone, a traditional dough, soft, melting and fragrant, stuffed with candied apricots and yuzu, Japan’s golden citrus, fresh and lightly acidic, that often occurs in IYO Group restaurants courses and desserts.
Storage and consumption
Our leavened products have a 45-day shelf life as they are handmade and therefore do not contain preservatives.
We recommend to store them in a cool, dry place and to keep them 24 hours at room temperature before consumption.
Allergens: cereals and derivatives, eggs, soy, milk and nuts

Red Gift Card provides a traditional Japanese culinary experience for two at IYO Omakase counter.
For all guests, omakase menu, chosen by the chef, with wine or sake pairing.